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Leverating Talent imageLeveraging Talent and Working Together

Keeping costs down and customer service up during the current economy is paramount. This requires strong leaders and managers and highly engaged employees that work well together on organization priorities. If your workplace is burdened by people issues that keep you up at night, we can help you.

We provide information to obtain discretionary efforts from your employees, resolve work conflicts and build awesome teams.

As you identify and develop top leaders, managers and employees and get them engaged in the right jobs working together, you will increase productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, and reduce waste and expensive turnover costs. In addition, you will sleep at night.

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Develop your managers and leaders. Use job match, 360 degree feedback, online training, and succession planning to select, develop, promote, and retain top leaders and managers. Great leaders have higher revenue, quality and customer satisfaction and lower employee turnover.

Result: The Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System and follow up online training improved manager competency scores significantly in 94% of 18 competencies.

Motivate and engage the heart and mind of your employees; give them job fit and personality assessment data for self improvement and assist their managers to understand their employees and to coach them to high performance. Set customer service standards and provide customer service training.

Reduce Workplace Conflicts Resolve conflicts between managers and their employees by assessing managerial fit. In addition, measure personality factors and provide employees and their managers with information on employee preferences and how they manage conflict and stress.

Use the Profiles Team Analysis for managers to assess potential team conflicts and provide the manager with suggestions for managing differences on the team.

Use team analysis and team building. Provide teams with concrete data to improve their effectiveness. Develop cross functional teams and put them to work analyzing and improving your business processes and workflows to achieve a shared understanding across functions, collaboration, creativity and efficiencies.

Result: At KLA-Tencor team building resulted in a 20-40% increase in team effectiveness behaviors.

Leader and Manager Development
Succession Planning
Team Analysis/Team Building Training
Process Improvement

Prevent theft, absenteeism, and negligent hiring. Failure to check a candidate's background and integrity can have devastating effects on your finances and reputation. The average cost of absenteeism per employee annually is $645 and the average cost of theft is $2000.

Predict job success and reduce turnover. Assess and hire for job match. Productivity and employee retention are outcomes of a good job match. You have a 75% chance of making a good hire when job match is added to the traditional hiring process and only a 14% chance of hiring a top performer with interviewing only. Use sales personnel, customer service, and call center assessments to select and coach top performers.

Result: A bank reduced turnover from 29% to 7%, a 75% reduction in turnover with the use of the Profile PXT job fit and honesty/work ethic assessments.

Hiring Best Practices Checklist - receive a complimentary copy
Hiring Assessments
Background Checks
Sales Personnel Assessment
Customer Service Assessment
Applicant Tracking System

A dissatisfied customer tells at least 20 people about your poor service. Use a proven tool and process, the Customer Service Profile to achieve and sustain superior customer service.

Result: A 25% increase in customer satisfaction ratings was achieved by a luxury hotel with the use of the Customer Service Perspective.

Customer Service Assessment

One study found the annual sales revenue of a top performing salesperson was $179,000 more than the revenue of a low performer. Use the Profile XT Sales Report or the Profile Sales Indicator to select, coach and keep top sales professionals.

Result: A drug company increased total sales 33% and repeat sales 16% using the PXT.

Sales Personnel Assessment

Establish baseline measurements such as employee turnover rates, sales revenue, customer satisfaction, time to market, absenteeism rates, and manager performance scores. Implement assessments and track changes in baseline measurements and return on human capital investments.

Employee Surveys



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